Download the Aladin Data using the DOS-cable running Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000!!

Until now you had to use a DOS-Task running DataTrak for DOS to download the Aladin Data using the DOS-cable. As long as you like to work with DataTrak DOS only your world looks great. But when you want to use the modern 'sophisticated' operating system Windows running DataTrak for Windows you have to leave the DOS-Task and switch to Windows, start DataTrak WIN and open the logbook you created with DataTrak DOS. Now you are able manipulate the data.

This procedure is terrible and the Memo Mouse offered by Uwatec to use with DataTrak for Windows only is too expensive (at least for me). So why shouldn't we use a cable you can build by yourself for $12? Although Uwatec spread the word that it isn't possible to download the data from the Aladin divecomputers running Windows it is possible. I have written a little tool for Windows to download the data from the Aladin divecomputers using the cheap DOS-cable. This tool creates a new logbook or when you use an existing logbook appends all dives newer than the last in the logbook. After creating the logbook it launches the logbook program (e.g. DataTrak Win or any other datatrak compatible). Now you can easily manipulate the data. No more task switching, just like using the build in function to download the data from the divecomputers.

Creating this little tool took a lot of time and trouble. Uwatec does not publish any information about the transfer protocol or the structure of the received data.

Features of ADLT V1.6:

  • downloading the data using the DOS interface cable
  • generating a new logbook using the DataTrak format
  • appending dives to an existing logbook using the DataTrak format
  • information about the divecomputer (dives in all, batterycapacity, serialnumber, etc.)
  • merging of two dives with interval time less then 10 min
  • launching a logbook program of your choice

  Description/ScreenShots of ADLT V1.6


You want to know if ADLT is worth using? Just download the Demo-Version. This Demo creates a logbook containing all data stored in the divecomputer.

It is not possible to append dives to an existing logbook.

Download Demo-Version ADLT V1.6
(about 262 KB)

As mentioned above, Uwatec does not give away information about the communication protocol or data structure. ADLT is tested with the most Aladin divecomputers (Pro, Pro Nitrox, Air, Air X, Air X Nitrox, Air X O2, Sport, Air Z, Pro Ultra). ADLT is may be no software without bugs, because there may be a lot of data I have not seen on any divecomputer yet. Please contact me for bugreports, critics or question by email.

ADLT Version 1.6     € 10.-


Registered Version

When you are interested in this tool you can buy the non limited version. Please send the below mentioned amount of money in cash (EURO) to my address.

Jochen van Waasen
Gerenweg 11
8498 Gibswil-Ried

I am sorry, but payment by cheque or transferring money to my bank account is not possible from outside Germany due to the banks collecting very high fees. You can send the money by special delivery but this is also expensive.


Do not forget your full address and eMail address so I can register the software.

I will send the ADLT software to you by eMail.



Matthias Heinrichs
Detailed information to build an Aladin Interfaces.
Matthias Aust
Information to build an Aladin Interfaces.
Thomas Temesvari
Aladin Logbook with a great variety of statistics and the possibilty to change ALL data. 
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